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    Here at MIA we are excited! Back in 2005 we had an idea, an idea that gamers of all races and different regions of the world could play together and have a social connection. At the time the only way to really have a social feel for the players you gamed with was to have LAN parties, which was very difficult because of everyone’s location ( this didn’t stop the most dedicated players ), but still it was hard. Now times have changed and we recognize the need to improve. With Team Speak 3 and in game chats, and our new Social Gaming Network website we will become closer to our fellow gamers and feel as though we are neighbors or very good friends.

    We have decided to emerge into “SGN” or “Social Gaming Network”. Our gaming community has grown to an unbelievable size and has been a most welcome outcome. Our web site has been one of the most active and innovative sites for gaming in the world. This change is just an effort to keep up what we have been doing all along; keeping our dedicated and hard working members a web site and community they can be proud to be a part of.

    We have members that have been here since the beginning and have new members every single day. We have lost good members also. We strive to keep a code of ethics in place that helps insure that we continue to have the best reputation in the gaming world as a top clan to be a part of. With our solid council made up of members that have shown their dedication and willingness to help others, and that were all voted in by other members, we will continue to grow and improve.

    I guess what we are saying is “We are here for all gamers to have a place to go and socialize”. To be a part of the gaming world and be successful you have to change with it and that’s what we are doing. Come be part of the best Social Gaming Network in the world and call it home as so many others have done and WILL continue to do!
    (Special thanks to [MIA] Titan for help with our new site introduction)

    Here are a few features our new site has to offer:
    • · Discussion / Forum with Social Network Integrations (Twitter, Facebook, etc..)
    • Mobile Friendly
    • · Personal Photo Albums
    • · Social Gaming Groups (Talk with gamers that have the same thing in common as you)
    • · Advanced Events Management
    • · Your own personal Blog
    • · Single Member Sign-on across all forums
    • · Facebook logon option (Login to the site with your facebook login)
    • · Activity Stream (Easy access to all your posts, pics, replies, notifications, etc.)
    • · Tournaments and Ladders
    • · Full Arcade with 7000+ games. Weekly tournaments for top spots
    • · Poker Room – Multiplayer Poker Room to play against friends
    • · Integrated friend chat system (Like Facebook)
    • · Advanced Reward and point participation system
    • · Ability to buy virtual gifts with site points you acquire.
    • · Status and mood feature. Let others know how you feel today.
    • · Live Streaming Audio and video
    • · And much much more. Sign up today!

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