View Full Version : BFP4F Squad Info.

03-13-2011, 06:47 AM

I wanted to share information about our squads within our division and how they will work and why we have them....

To start, here is the layout for the EU Team.


Jackson is the head of the entire EU Team. He is responsible for maintaining the squad and directly responsible for the 2-0 Rookie unit.

Trixter is the squad leader and directly responsible for all units. If anyone needs any help, any ideas or server suggestions just tell him. He also will be putting members in the correct units.

So there is the examples of the positions and what they do...

So why squads?

Squads in our division is a great way to watch over our members to make sure everyone is being heard and not left behind. Its a way of communication and a way to compete for inner clan matches. It brings comradery to the units, to the squad, to the team to the division!

Everyone in the division will be in a squad. I am apart of the 1-3 Air squad on the U.S Side.

Hope this helps. U.S Team will be up soon.