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Karkand has always been a favorite among players of the BF universe because of its balance between ground vehicle warfare and infantry combat. Im creating this guide to help any new players with tactics to employ while on this map, areas to watch out for, and routes to take.

First lets start out with the Sniping areas. There are many of these and its important to watch your head while out on the field.
Ive numbered each sniping position and for each one i will give my thoughts and tips on.
1. This one is a great sniping spot if you want to defend the flag at D. That whole row of buildings is a great sniping position for D. However it should be noted it is the lowest area to snipe from in the map. The area to the left of it on the map is almost level with the top of the building, so when sniping from this position you can easily be flanked and killed.

2. This is a small wooded area with a fence that is great use for cover. Its a great position to snipe from if you want to look after the sniping positions at 3 and 4, as in you want to make sure no1 will snipe from there. It is not however the best place to snipe from if your watching the flag. So if the enemy has the flag and you want to make sure your teammates dont recieve sniper fire from the surround sniping positions, #2 is a great place to snipe from.

3. This sniping position is by far one of the most commonly used. Almost always there will be atleast one person on there. It has a great view of the battlefield and you can snipe people at both B and C flags. If your good at sniping through the fog of war, you can even take out any snipers at #6. This position has a great view of the sniping positions 2,4,5,10. It has minamal cover on it, but enough that if receive fire you have a place to hide. There is one ladder leading up to his one.

4. This one, like 3, will almost always have one person up there. The main reason for this is because its a spawn point. So if you dont have the C flag and your sniping from this position, watch your back. It has a great view of the flag C and is a ideal spot to defend from. It also has a great view over the sniping positions 3,5,2.

5. This is another great position to protect the flag C, however it is the easiest to be killed from. Sniping poistions 3, 4, 10, 6 all have a great view of this position, and vice versa, and they're surround 5. So if your sniping from this position you should check your flanks as much as you can. Theres 2 ladders leading up to this also, so you also have to watch 2 ladders instead of just one.

6. This is also a very popular one that people snipe from. It is the highest building that you can get on in the map and has a great view of the map. #s 7, 10, 5, 3 can all take you out if you are on 6, and vice versa. However since your on the highest building out of all them, you usally have the advantage. There is one ladder leading up to this, but you have to climb one latter to a small platform, then climb another to the roof.

7. This one is not exactly the best roof for sniping for points, however it is by far one of the best areas to defend the flag A from attackers. It has a great view of A, but its only weak point is sniping position 6. There is one ladder leading up to this one.

8. This one overlooks the flag B and is slightly out of the way, so sniping from this position, you wont be noticed a lot unless you fire. There is very little cover ontop of this one, so if you do receive fire, you will probably have to jump off. Sniping position 9 is one of its weakpoints. To get to the top you have to climb one ladder to a lower roof, then climb another to the top roof. Also as a cool little note, once your at the top, there is a little platform you can jump to on the adjacent building that over looks that ally way all the way to the right. In my flanking map below, its one of the routes that i suggest to take. So if you want to cover that flanking route, jump to that little platform and people usually never suspect you to be up there. I did it all the time in BF2 haha.

9. This position is great for cover the flag at B, but this is a spawn point so watch your back. Its another very popular sniping position. Theres 2 ways to get up there, one by a ladder by A, or by going up the stairs on the inside.

10. This one is another very popular sniping position because it is very easy to spawn camp. On the little platform with the sandbags is a spawn point. So people like to climb the ladder and just watch the spawn point and shoot people. There is only one ladder leading up to this and its weak points are sniping positions are 6 and 5.

Next lets talk about the flanking routes. First up is for the russian side.
Each dotted line with an arrow head representing the direction are all great routes to take to flank enemies and flags if your originating from the main spawn point. This is of course for the russians only. Its important to note to remember where the sniping positions are and spawn points are, so you can stay undetected.

Now is the US side.
Same tips as with the russian sides version. However, an important note. The far left one that leads up to the area over looking C, you can actually take a jeep through this one. It requires some careful driving and going out of bounds for a split second, but i do it all the time and its a quick and efficient way to flank.

For all you engineers out there, im sure you'll like this next map. The green dots represent areas that are ideal for mine placement because they will receive a lot of enemy vehicle traffic. This of course depends on what team your on and who has the flags. Some of them cater to only one side (like if your US your not going to want to place mines up close to your main spawn point , and like wise for the Russian side
The following map are areas that i avoid as much as i can because they're danger zones or choke points. Almost every time you enter these areas, you will be a prime target for enemy cover because of either lack of cover or there are a lot of sniping positions overlooking this area, or both.
You dont want to go down these areas unless you have smoke grenades to provide some cover for you, or there is armor rolling down these streets that you can hide behind or catch a ride with.

I borrowed this great guide from Jensin of the 13th Expeditionary Unit which in the process of trying to create a good ally w. them for future clan scrimmages.
Study and enjoy and we will make our own Edits in the future.


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